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Innovators in Nutrition — Rich’s Leads the Way

Rich’s is the “Original Smart Snacks In School” program. No, really. I’m not kidding. In the early 1980’s Rich’s partnered with child nutritionists in several school districts to develop the nation’s first “smart snacks in school” program; a healthier alternative to traditional school ice cream programs of the time. Our program launched several decades before the “Alliance for a Healthier Generation” or “Smart Snacks in Schools” guidelines were even conceived. In fact, the USDA used input from Rich’s to craft the standards for the final Smart Snacks program. So, with a 35 year head start on our competition, we’ve learned a few things along the way that really set our products apart. In fact, Rich’s leads the way in school nutrition with these EXCLUSIVE benefits not offered by any other company:

  • The only company to make all its products in a NUT FREE/PEANUT FREE FACILITY for the health, benefit, and safety of ALL kids.
  • The only company to meet the WHOLE GRAIN “COMIBINATION FOODS” REQUIREMENT in order to fully comply with the Smart Snacks in Schools program, including wafers, cones and crunch.
  • The only company program to use cane sugar and NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. We absolutely refuse to cheapen our product.
  • The only company to commit to convert to NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS in our school products.
  • The only company with THE RICH’S TASTE. Since we involve school nutritionists and thousands of school kids in developing our products, we don’t stop until our “healthier for kids” products taste just like our original products. Taste for yourself, and you’ll see the difference!

Here at Rich’s, better school nutrition IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN our business. It’s not a new business venture for us. In fact, we’ve got more experience in nutrition based school products than all our competitors combined, so we can guide you to the right products that are right for your kids. Looking for the largest, most time-tested program that proves itself year after year to improve kids nutrition while increasing your cafeteria profits? Look no further than Rich’s.


“Family” and “Local” Mean Something to Us

We’re a family business, not a giant corporation, and honestly we don’t ever want to become a giant corporation. Our business is built on supporting local school systems and local ice cream distributors. In fact, unlike the big corporations, we partner with a LOCAL, FAMILY OWNED DISTRIBUTOR in your community to deliver the product to your school. (We figure, helping families in your area and boosting your local economy is a better way to do business than helping a big multinational corporation “maximize economies of scale”, “bolster corporate profits” or whatever else the big wigs talk about in their mahogany paneled board rooms.)

As a 70 year strong family company, our customers have always been our own kids, and our friends’ and neighbors’ kids. That means our family owes it to your family to still make our products the “old fashioned way” just like we did in 1946. We don’t cut corners and we will never compromise the quality or safety of our products for corporate profits. That’s just not who we are. Our goal, instead, is to promote healthier frozen treats, using the nutritional benefits of milk and dairy, while helping local schools and family-run local distributors. We believe doing this can change in the world just a little bit; one kid at a time, one family at a time, one school at a time.


Rich’s Experience and Support Makes It Work

Because we’ve got the largest and longest running nutritionally based a la carte program in the country, we bring unprecedented experience and support to your program. Partnering with you, your local distributor and your local schools to make sure the program is working is an integral part of our program. We can help you bid the right products for YOUR school system, and even visit your schools to ensure the program is working as planned. We know which products school kids like most. We know how to select the right products for your schools and merchandise them properly in their freezers. We work side by side with your local distributor, and are available to answer any questions you may have and to help develop a program that works best for you. No one else in the industry provides this kind of support.