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Committed to Local Communities and Local Businesses

We’re a family business, not a giant corporation. And honestly, we don’t ever want to be a giant corporation. Our entire business supports local ice cream men and local school systems, not giant retail corporations. Our customers are our own kids, and our friends’ and neighbors’ kids. Unlike the big companies we compete with, we still make our products the “old fashioned way” just like we did in 1946. We don’t cut corners and we will never compromise the quality or safety of our products for corporate profits. That’s just not who we are. Our goal, instead, is to make better tasting, better selling, better for you frozen treats. We believe doing this can change in the world just a little bit; one kid at a time, one cone, cup or bar at a time.


Committed to Kids

At Rich’s, kids are our heartbeat. In fact, we’re all just overgrown kids here ourselves, so you won’t find us in a corporate focus group studying the “market segment” or in a lab developing the next “salted caramel mocha something or other”. You’ll find us in the local park asking kids what they like. You’ll find us in the local school asking kids to name our products or how they taste until we get it just right. And you’ll find us in the ice cream room figuring out how to make the product “better for you” so that this generation gets products even better than the last. We’re also the first and only ice cream company in the country to make all its frozen treats for vending in a completely nut free and peanut free facility. Nobody makes a more safe and healthy frozen snack for kids than Rich’s!


Committed to Vending

We’ve been serving the needs of the local “ice cream man” since the early 1960’s, and single serve novelties have been our core business for decades. While most of our competitors see vending as a great way to supplement their main ice cream business, we haven’t shifted our focus to selling $5 ice cream bars to pretty models, and we aren’t the least bit interested in selling retail products to the big box stores. Our commitment to the vending channel has grown every year for more than 50 years, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Smart Snacks

Commited to You

Our team members are committed to you and your business, and we are “in the trenches” with local vending distributors day in and day out. We want your feedback on our products so we can make them better. We want to share our 60+ years of vending experience with you to help you get the best selection of products that are best for customers in your specific location. We’ll help you grow your business. You’re not just a “once a year stop” for us; you are our partner.