We Are Nut Free

Author: Randy Rich, President – Rich Ice Cream Co.

For years, we’ve listened to parents whose kids have food allergies. It’s a big and growing problem in this country, and as the leader of a family food company, and a dad to two elementary school girls, I wondered for a long time “What can we do to help?” Because all of us remember Nutty Sundae Cones as an iconic treat, we thought the best we could do was employ strict allergen protocols on our lines (which we still do), and take extra precautions with peanuts. But we knew there had to be more we could do…

In 2016, we decided to go “all in” and become the first major ice cream company in America to go nut free. I know, most people in the industry, think we’re “nuts” discontinuing one of our best products, but actually quite the opposite is true. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. That was tragically reinforced when a local elementary school student died on his Thanksgiving break as a result of a eating a dessert at a restaurant that used nut shavings to garnish it. This is serious stuff, folks, and we are here to make a difference going forward.

Below you’ll find a link to our peanut free policy. You can also look at the video of our allergen policy (which includes the peanut precautions we used to use when we had peanuts in the plant). But this is only the start for Rich’s. Now we’re working on finding the right partners to work with on food allergy education and prevention, and we’re continuing to make our products better for you and your family. Right now, we’re updating packaging with easy to read icons so you can quickly determine if the treat you choose is gluten free, whole grain, or has a whole selection of “better for you” qualities that we’re working on. We’ve even just launched a blue and white birthday cone with colored sprinkles that uses lowfat ice cream, whole grain and no artificial colors, yet it still one of the most colorful, best tasting products we’ve ever made.

This peanut thing is just the start of making our lives, and the lives of our kids, more healthy, more fun, and most importantly more safe. So, from now on, rest easy, and know that every day is a “no nut day” at Rich’s.

Nut Free Statement 2017


Randy Rich

President, Rich Ice Cream