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If you have any questions please be sure to see the below frequently asked questions! If you have any addtional questions please be sure to contact us using the apropriate contact form right below the FAQ's or Click the contact button

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our coconut oil is not an allergen. It has been highly refined, bleached and deodorized by the manufacturer.
Rich's Ice Cream products are available in schools and on street vending trucks all across the country.
We deliver ice cream to large ice cream distributors all over the US. If you have any more questions, please fill out our contact us and we will let you know how to get our ice cream.
Rich Ice Cream does not do home delivery. We sell to ice cream distributors. Please fill out the contact us list and we will let you know where you can get our products.
We do have a video tour of our plant and how we make ice cream here: Tour our Facility
Our plant handles several allergens such as egg, wheat, and soy. All the ingredients for each product are listed on this website and on the package. We follow industry-standard Good Manufacturing Practices in handling all allergens in our facility. When we run any product we run that product for an entire production day. When that production is done we clean and sanitize all the equipment involved in production; mix tanks, flavor tanks, production equipment, all pipes etc. Please click on Allergens to learn more about our allergen program.
No, the last time we had a peanut or tree nut in our plant was October 10, 2016. Please click on Allergens to learn more about our allergen program.
Click on the product and you will see a link to the nutrition information on that product. If you are interested in our school nutrition worksheet, you can find it here: Nutrition Factsheet
Please contact the establishment where you purchased your product. If you are not satisfied fill out the contact us list and Rich Ice Cream will contact, you.
All Rich Ice Cream products are kosher.
Many foods rely on preservatives to maintain quality, but ice cream and other related frozen desserts depend on sub-zero temperatures in the range of -10 degrees to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. At this constant temperature Rich Ice Cream’s great taste can be preserved for 18 months. However, if ice cream is subjected to warm temperatures, it will melt and then refreeze, creating an icy texture.
Yes. We have a large selection of approved Smart Snacks in Schools products! Check out our School Product page.
All Rich’s school products meet the Smart snacks for schools requirements. This information is is summarized on our school nutrition worksheet you can download here: Nutrition Factsheet If you’d like to check this information yourself you can go to our school treats section and click on a product to get to the nutrition fact sheet. Then you can go to the link below and fill in the information from our nutrition fact sheet. Smart Snacks Calculator
Rich Ice Cream was founded in 1946 by Williard Rich in West Palm Beach, FL.

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