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"Most people want to find a place where they are valued; a place where what they do matters, and where they can make a difference in the world and in other people's lives."


Rich's Gets It.  
We're Here to Help.

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We're always looking for

great team members!




Why Team Rich's?
You can work anywhere, so why here?  We asked some of our team members that same question.  Let's see what they said...


Industrial Equipment
Work on sophisticated equipment you'll only find here.  Industrial robots, PLC controlled production lines, refrigeration systems, 100 foot ovens, ice cream production equipment and more.  You'll always stay challenged and contribute to the team here...

Quality Assurance
Food safety and quality is what we're about at Rich's, and the QA team leads this effort.  Whether you are tweaking a product formula, testing samples in our lab, interacting with regulators, or just making sure our products taste great, you are essential here!

Work in operations at our plant!  From freezers and warehousing to making chocolate and pastry shells to operating some of the world's most sophisticated ice cream and bakery equipment...

Facility Hygiene
Setting up production lines and ensuring our equipment is always clean, sanitized and "ready to run" is where it all starts.  Literally!  If you like evening shifts, we've got a critical mission for you...  

Business & Accounting
Tired of using your accounting or analytical skills in a cubicle?  Instead, use them to help improve our business operations, and make better ice cream.  Really!

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