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Nut Free School Ice Cream

Safer, Smarter Snacks

for Schools


Rich's Keeps ALL Kids Safer:

NEVER allowing peanuts or tree nuts in our facility

NEVER using eggs or sesame seeds in our products

ALWAYS "Allergen Safe" labels on package

ALWAYS going "over and above" on allergen safety 

Nut Free School Ice Cream


Nut Free Smart Snack for Schools

Rich's Smart Snacks are Smarter:

NEVER Artificial Dyes for color.

NEVER High Fructose Corn Syrup.

ALWAYS Whole Grains in combination foods.

ALWAYS Under 150 calories.

ALWAYS Calories displayed on package.

ALWAYS Skim Milk or Apple Juice first.

ALWAYS Supports locally owned distributors in your community.

Nutrition Summary Sheet


Fun Ice Cream for Schools

Increase Lunch Participation and Get Your Rich's Snack On!

Looking for ways to increase your lunch participation while providing safer, smarter snacking?  We can help!

Learn More:

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