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Ice Cream with No Artificial Colors


The answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions are listed below.  If you have more questions feel free to ...

  • Where are Rich's Ice Cream products available?
    Our products are available in schools and on street vending trucks (a.k.a. "the ice cream man") all across the country.
  • Where can I buy your ice cream in my area?
    At his time, we ship only to large wholesale ice cream distributors all over the US. These distributors then sell our ice cream to schools and businesses in their local market. If you have any more questions about how to get our ice cream in your market, please fill out our "contact us" form and we will direct you to the right wholesaler.
  • Do you have peanuts or tree nuts in your plant?
    NO. We made the decision to become the first and only ice cream novelty plant in the country to go "peanut free" and "nut free" in October 2016. We have not allowed peanuts or tree nuts in the facilty since that time. This policy applies to EVERY part of the facility, including non production areas like the lunchroom; vending machines; offices, etc. At Rich's we take "NUT FREE" seriously!
  • Do you have allergens in your plant?
    We do handle allergens in our plant including dairy, wheat, and soy. We also handle eggs in a bakery located in our facility as well. The allergens contained in each product are listed on the package, and also on the Products Page of this website. You can also find further details on the Allergens Page on this website. We have an extensive allergen program in our plant and follow industry-standard Good Manufacturing Practices when handling all allergens in our facility. For example, storage of allergens is segregated in our facility. Any product containing an allergen will be run on a segregated production line for an entire production day. We then clean and sanitize all the equipment involved in production (mix tanks, flavor tanks, production equipment, all pipes etc.), and our lab personnel takes "swab" tests on the equipment to ensure no trace elements of allergen exist on that line before the line is run again. We've got an Allergen Video on this webiste that gives you insight into this process and the measures we take to ensure our products are "allergen safe".
  • Is the coconut oil that is used in your chocolate coating an allergen?
    Our coconut oil is not an allergen. It has been highly refined by the manufacturer and it contains no traces of proteins that could cause allergic reactions. For more information, check out the manufacturers information for details about the coconut oil used in our chocolate coatings.
  • Do you use artificial colors and dyes in any of your products?
    No. Rich's Ice Cream is the first and only US manufacturer to eliminate artificial colors and dyes from its entire line of ice cream novelties.
  • Where do the colors used in your products come from?
    The colors used in our products come from plants. Typically these are fruits and vegetables you've heard of like Beets, Carrots, Blueberries, but sometimes they're a little more uncommon like Black Carrots, Spirulina or Black Currant. All of them come from safe, wholesome, natural sources.
  • Where can I find nutritional information and ingredients for your products?
    Our packaging contains all this information, but we've also made things easy for you, but listing links for all the information you'd ever want to know on each product on our Products Page. Just click on the picture of product to be directed to a spec sheet with all the pertinent information for that product. If you are looking for our school nutrition worksheet, it can be found on our Nutrition and Ingredients Page.
  • Does Rich's offer tours of the ice cream plant?
    We do have a video tour of our plant and how we make ice cream HERE.
  • I was not happy with my Rich's purchase.  What should I do?
    Please contact the establishment where you purchased your product. If you are not satisfied fill out the contact us form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you.
  • Is Rich's Ice Cream Kosher?
    YES. All Rich Ice Cream products are kosher and certified by the Kof-K Kosher authority.
  • What does the "best by" date on Rich's Ice Cream mean?"
    Many foods rely on preservatives to maintain quality, but ice cream and other related frozen desserts depend on sub-zero temperatures to preserve them. If kept in commerical freezers that are maintained in the range of -10 degrees to -20 degrees Fahrenheit our products will last will last a very long time and won't "go bad" like other foods. However, some "self defrosting" freezers (like a home freezer) will reduce how long the product remains "top quality". When stored properly, our ice cream should retain its great flavor, texture, consistency and quality for 18 months. However, if ice cream is subjected to warm temperatures, it will melt and then refreeze, creating an icy texture.
  • Do you have products that meet the "Smart Snacks in School" requirements."
    YES. We have a large selection of approved Smart Snacks in Schools products. In fact, Rich's is the only manufacturer meets the "combination foods" requirement for whole grains required for cones, wafers, cookies and crunch used in our products, and makes all our smart snacks with NO artificial dyes, and NO high fructose corn syrup. Find out more on our School Program Page, or see all our smart snacks on our School Products Page.
  • How do I know which of your products meet the Smart Snacks in Schools requirement?
    Excluding our Cookies and Cream Avalanche, Grande Vanilla Sandwich and Rich Bar (which are a bit more indulgent), all of our products meet the smart snacks in school requirement. We even put a smart snacks label on the package to make it easy to identify, so you can be sure your school snacks are "smart snack approved". To find out more, visit our School Program Page.
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